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From 629/Dust Storm EP

I cleaned this house and centralized the place
Got fingerprints into a data base
We make the rules, then break them if we must
The tapes are rolling for the public trust

I like the horses, but I think you know your place
My meals are paid for by the 50 states
You call it blackmail, but I like to call it leverage
Your secrets are the best tools of my trade

I stand behind the mirror with Clyde here by my side
You have your orders, the light’s left my eyes
Now be a good girl, put our history through the shredder
He who lives by the sword must die with her

From Can't See the Forest CD

You can taste an orange, but what about a yellow?
Does this song sound bitter to you or is it as sweet as sandpaper?
That smell in your eyes is like the taste of numbers
If you could cook up a map I could digest everywhere you lead
We could peel away the water
Watch the mystery start to bleed

And if you touch you can see it right now
I do believe I can feel it and how
Nothing will make sense until it’s always
And if you taste you can hear it right now
I can’t believe you can’t feel it and how
Nothing will make sense until it’s always what you want

I'm Into Miracles
From Can't See the Forest CD
Groping through this room with a bad flashlight
someone flips the switch and I can't describe this magnificent sight
the seesaw and the catapult held the time-machine transfixed
he couldn't move a muscle, let the clouds float by bewitched

My lazy third eye makes the universe unfold
you can't believe everything that you were told
clerics talk in spirals, getting trapped in the roundabout
the All-powerful and Everywhere can not shut you out

  Dust Storm
From 629/Dust Storm EP

When the dust storm comes
there will be no escape
kids will rub off the etchings
leaving charcoal on your grave

Won't go back to the factory
or go begging in the street
but the dust storm's trying
to blow the earth beneath my feet

Throw some blankets on the windows
stuff some towels in the doors
'cause the dust storm's comin'
to suck the air out of your pores

We all love to tell the story
as long as it always remains
just a page from history
remote as a dream of coming rain

From Can't See the Forest CD

Can you tell me about the eye that floats?
About the government
A big businessman with his hands on the pulse of a big government
To crush us under the environment

Nothing isn’t inside of me
Letting go of something I want to see
Landfills creeping into the sea
Choking off the last of diversity
Fake a sense of responsibility
Till this all blows over – eternity
No one isn’t inside of me
Letting go of someone I want to be

Bigger is better let bigger get bigger till bigger is bigger than better and better is

A Means to an End
From Can't See the Forest CD
If we sold a million records would that keep me satisfied
and secure about the future of the band?
anticipation is a hard habit to break
yet the miracle is always in our hands

I wonder what would happen
were there no more doors to open
nothing more for us to learn or teach
faith can move a mountain but with expectations raised
keeps the carrot hanging just outside our reach

You wouldn't want to let go of all your hopes and dreams
(tomorrow won't be better because it just cannot arrive)
the seduction of the future knows no end
when everything that happens gets reduced and nullified
your whole life becomes a means to an end

From Can't See the Forest CD

It took the whole day to boil the putrid water with a microscope
Load up the car with boxes and the fireplace
Roll away the stone
You were looking for a better place to live
And I found it found a home inside (inside) of you
No one makes the winter through without a good book in the hand
So I think that you’d have to understand

When I awoke everything was missing and the sky turned brown
The fire went out
Footprints of a polar bear still wet in the snow
No one could tell us where to go or what to do
How to find the way back home, or make a mukluk shoe
Now I wish I’d taken notes so we could build a raft or boat
Too bad we couldn’t have left this place alone

Looking for You
From Can't See the Forest CD

Time brought me to you and took you back again
No time to think
A picture on the wall brings back all of my memories
You were in this room when we were working on this tune in its infancy
But do you know its elaborate melody?

There’s nothing to cling to and nothing to renounce
It’s all the same
Nothing left to hope for
Nothing to forget, escape
In this play of form no limits are the norm we navigate
Everything remains yet nothing is the same each day

I see you in the clouds
I feel you in my heart
I know you’re coming back
I’m looking for you!

Hunger Stone
From Jet Propulsion Mystery Summer CD
Follow winding roads through wooded hills
look out over the rocks
at endless wooden stairs so long
in mammouth grave entrapped
Lucas sings another mad round
breakfast at the lodge

Take the car five miles to Ottawa
dusty country fair
gypsy tables sell souveniers
stolen from the mall
night life like a college town